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Walt Disney



Walter Elias Disney was born December 5,1901 in Chicago,Illinois .He died of lung cancer on December 15, 1966 . When he died his ashes were buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Lawn in Glendale, California . He was one of the best known picture production companies in the world . Disney was innovative animator and created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse .


From there, Disney worked at the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where he made commercials based on a cutout animation . One interesting fact about Walt Disney is that Mickey Mouse original name was "Mortimer" . But before Mickey Mouse there was Oswaald the Lucky Rabbit, which was Walt's first big hit . He sold Oswald to Universal in 1927 instead .

Another interesting fact about Walt is that he received more Academy Awards and nominations than any other person in history .


He won 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime and was the founder of theme parks Disneyland and Walt Disney World . During the summer, he would work a summer job selling snacks and newspaper to travelers .

When Disney was 16, he dropped out of school to join the army but was rejected for being underage . Instead he joined the Red Cross and was sent to France for a year to drive an ambulance .


When he came back from France in 1919,he moved back to Kansas City to pursue a career as a newspaper artist . In 1917, his family moved to Chicago, where Walt created cartoons for his high schol yearbook and took classes at Art Institute of Chicago . In early years Disney was the head of pageantry for the 1960 winter Olympics .


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