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Walt disney

Walt grew up with 3 brothers and one sister.

Walt was the first to use sound that went with pictures. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs was walts first full-length feature movie.

At age 16 Walt tried to join the army but was too young, instead he drove a Red Cross ambulance in Europe. Walt would often draw on the sides of the car.

In 1919 he found work drawing cartoons for advertisments in 1920. Walt and his brother Roy moved to Los Angeles, Calfornia and started the Walt Disney Company. Walt was the first to use sound that went with pictures.

Walt changed the world of cartoons and movies. He was remembered as one of the worlds greatest creative minds.

Sadly, Disney didn't live to see Walt Disney World

Oswald the lucky rabbit was disneys first character

Steam Boat Willie

Born: December 5, 1901 Died: December 15, 1966

Walt hired Lillian "Lilly" Bounds and they ended up getting married.Walt and Lilly had one child Diane in 1933, a few years later they adopted baby Sharon.


FUN FACT:Wall-E, was named after Walter Elias Disney

Walt Disney made a total of 984 films/shorts



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