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Walt Disney

Born December 5th, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney

He attempted to join the army during WWI, but was rejected for his age, he then decided to join the Red Cross. He was sent to France to be an ambulence driverHe later moved back to Kansas City to be a comic artist, yet no one would hire him. This sparked his animation career.

As a young boy, Walt met Walter Pfeiffer who came from a family of theatre aficionados, and introduced Walt to the world of motion pictures.

He went to McKinley Highschool and took night courses at The Chicago Art institute

The first Studio that he owned was named "Laugh-O-Gram Studio" it later was bankrupt and then moved to Hollywood

The first big character that Disney made while in Hollywood was "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" He later lost the rights of the character to Universal. He then created Mickey Mouse.

The creation of Mickey Mouse led to Steamboat Willie, kicking off the start of the Walt Disney Company

...and later, the beginning of the Disney Classics such as Snow White and Pinnochio