Walt Disney-King of imagination

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Walt Disney-King of imagination

Let me tell you about Walt Disney. Walt was born on December 5,1901. In 1906 Walt and his family moved to Missouri. There, Walt started to draw and loved it. In 1911, the Disney Family moved to Kansas City. In Kansas City, Walt made a friend that showed him his first motion picture. Walt also went to the Art Institute. There was a place call Electric Park near Walt’s home in Kansas City that was a part of Walt’s inspiration for Disneyland. Teenage Years In 1917, Walt’s family moved to Chicago and Walt became the cartoonist for his school newspaper. After high school, Walt lived in France for a while, and then moved back to Kansas City to make cartoons. Mickey MouseWalt Disney opened a studio in Hollywood. Walt decided to create a new character that he had as a pet. He named him Mickey Mouse! First Academy AwardIn 1932, Walt won his first Academy Award for short movies about Mickey Mouse. He won 25 more, including one after he died. Snow WhiteIn 1937, Walt’s first feature film, named Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released. Walt made many more movies, including Bambi, Pinocchio, and Alice and Wonderland. On July 17, 1955, Disneyland opened. In 1965, Walt announced plans to open another theme park in Florida called Disney World. He imagined that the center of Disney World would be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT for short. In 1966, unfortunately, Walt died right before Disney World was opened. Everybody missed him so much. I miss him, too. That is Walt Disney’s biography.


December 5, 1901: Walt Disney was born.1911: Walt and his family moved to Kansas City.1917: Walt studied at the Chicago Art Institute. 1920: He decided to be a cartoonmaker.1923: He moved to Hollywood so he could make films with his brother, Roy.1928: Walt and a friend made a character named Mickey Mouse. 1933: Walt began to use music in his films.1955: Disneyland was born.December 15, 1966: Walt Disney died.October 1, 1971: Disney World was opened.

Walt Disney will be remembered for his wonderful creation,Mickey Mouse! Walt also made Disney World and DisneyLand!!! Who could forget that? Walt will be remembered for his wonderful cartoons, that everyone I know likes. Walt will be rememberd for his great work.

Why he inspires me

Walt Disney inspires me because it is so amazing how someone who could do so much when you just lived to be 65 years old! Walt Disney created my favorite Disney character of all, Mickey Mouse! Also,Walt managed to make a theme park when he was alive. He must have made a lot of money! Walt Disney inspires me because if my life was like that, boy would I need a lot of hard work! That is why Walt Disney inspires me.


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Walt Disney King of imagination

Meet Mickey!


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