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Walt Disney Bio

Author:Whitney Stewart

Title: Who Was Walt Disney?

About the book:"Walt Disney always loved to entertain people. Often it got him into trouble. Once he painted pictures with tar on the side of his family's white house. His family was poor, and the happiest time of his childhood was spent living on a farm in Missouri. His affection for small-town life is reflected in Disneyland Main Streets around the world. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this biography reveals the man behind the magic.This book is not authorized, licensed or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company or any affiliate"(http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book/who-was-walt-disney#cart/cleanup)

Reviews*Awesome and a very easy read for young readers.*Great book*This is a delightful scope on Walt Disney and can be enjoyed by young adults as well as those of us who are still 'young at heart'. You're never too old for Disney fun and the biography was well-written with a positive perspective. Brought back special memories.

Age Range: 8 - 12 yearsGrade Level: 3 - 7112 pages



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