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Walt Disney

Walt Disney

IntroductionWalt Disney made a total of 984 short animated featured films.

PassportName:Walter Elias DisneyAge:65 Born:5.12.1901 Died:15.12.1966 Country:Chicago,United StatesHair Coulour:Grey Eye Colour:Light Brown Height:1.78cm Family:Diane Disney Miller, Lillian Disney, Roy O. Disney, Elias Disney, Flora Call Disney, Roy E. Disney, Sharon Mae Disney

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His LifeAt age 16 Walt Disney tried to join the army but he was too young so instead he drove a Red Cross ambulance.Walt would draw on the side of the car whaen he was bored.

AwardsAcademy award for best documentry,short film and Golden Globes are most of his awards but he got more than this.

Bye Walt Sadley, Walt Disney did not live to see Disneyland


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