[2014] GARRET SLOAN (Jardine 2014-15): Walt Disney

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[2014] GARRET SLOAN (Jardine 2014-15): Walt Disney

Born in Chicago.During part of his child hood, Walt worked on his fathers farm.It was hard but he liked the country side and the animals.His Aunt Margret noticed he was drawing pictures on the barn walls and toilet paper.She bought him art paper and a pack of colored pencils.In 1910, Walt had to move with his family to Kansas City.He got a paper delivery route and had to do it no matter how bad the weather was.In 1917, the U.S.A entered World War 1.Walt changed his birth certificate and drove an ambulance.In 1919,Disney got a job as an apprentice illustrator.In 1923, Walt borrowed a camera and started doing his own animation at night with his friend Iwerks.In 1923 he created a company called Laugh-o-Grams.He spent so much money on a cartoon, he was broke.He moved to Hollywood,California.He created the Disney Brothers Studio. A half a year after Oswald the lucky rabbit was created, disney lost oswald and his artists'so he created Micky Mouse.He also married the girl of his dreams,Lillian.After that he created Disney Land .But there was 1 problem, Walts lungs were being eaten by a disease from smoking.Sadly, Walt did not get to see Disney World finish.


1901 - Born in Chicago1916 - Attended Kansas City art institute 1918- Disney drove an ambulance in World War 1 1927- Created Oswald the lucky Rabbit and lost the rights to it. 1928 - Created Mickey Mouse and the 1st sound cartoon Steamboat Willie is released. 1932- Makes the 1st color cartoon1937 - Released first full length cartoon, SnowWhite.1949-Releases first true life movie.1955- The Disney Land theme park opens.1964-Mary Poppins is released .1966- Walt dies of lung cancer.

Created 1st sound cartoon.Created 1st color cartoon.Owned 1 theme park.Ceated 1st feature length cartoonWon many oscsars for his movies.Released his first true life adventure, Seal Island.

Lasting Impact

We still watch his cartoons/movies and go to his theme parks.The company he created is 1 of the largest media company in the world.


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