[2015] Nikhil Gupta: walla walla native americans

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[2015] Nikhil Gupta: walla walla native americans

By: Nikhil Gupta &Aditya Sivakumar

Walla WallaNative Americans

The Walla Walla people lived in the region of the Shoshone, the Paiute, the Miwok, and the Pomo.

Walla Walla can also be called the Plataeu native americans, and they lived near the Walla Walla river and the Columbia river. Their region was the intermountain region.

The Walla Walla people liked houses that easily dismantled. Depending on the season, they would live in one of the three houses. The three houses are: Pit houses for the winter, and for the summer, the Walla Walla people lived in tepees and tule mat lodges.

Men wore clothes made by shredded bark from cedar trees, deer skin, or rabbit skin. With the influence of the great plains, they started to use buffalo hides as clothes. Once the Walla Walla men grow thier long hair, they put beads in thier hair for special occasions. Women wore long dresses that went up to their knees. They used claws, nuts seeds, shells, pieces of metal, horns, porcupine quills, and bird talons.

The technology the Walla Walla had used included spears, bow and arrows, clubs, knives, shields and brestplates for protection and hunting. Artifacts included shoes, pouches, bags, woven baskets, and spoons.


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