Walkman WM-2 Technology

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Walkman WM-2 Technology

Walkman WM-2 (Walkman ll)

How It Makes Life EasierA Walkman makes life easier because you can listen to music by yourself. If you want to listen to music but someone around you doesn't, then only you can hear the music using a Walkman.

When, Where, and Why It Was InventedThe Walkman WM-2 (Walkman ll) was invented in 1981 in Japan.It was invented as an improvment from the original Walkman (Walkman TPS-L2).The Walkman ll is smaller, more stylish, and more durable than its predecessor.

InventorNobutoshi Kihara was an engineer at Sony, best known for his work on the original Walkman cassette-tape player in the 1970s and was commonly called Mr. Walkman in the press. He also made the Walkman WM-2 (Walkman ll).Other people at Sony helped make it, too.

Structure and FunctionThe Walkman WM-2 was the world's smallest stereo cassette player and radio with earbuds. It was extremely compact, and could fit in a pocket or on a belt clip. The sleek design made it durable, too.

By: Michelle McLaughlin


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