[2015] Anita Chaseendran: Walking A Thin Line

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[2015] Anita Chaseendran: Walking A Thin Line

"I'd like to have skinny legs and arms, a tiny waist and big boobs"(...) "You want to look like a barbie doll" (McNicoll 60)

Walking A Thin LineSylvia McNicoll

Meet Lauren: She's a sweet, funny, and smart girl who loves English. Yet, she is conflicted whether she should dedicate her time to lose weight for Jay.Meet Andrea: Andrea is a beautiful girl, yet she classifies herself as overweight. To satisfy her happiness, she goes on a diet, yet it gets a little too extreme...Meet Jay: Jay is a handsome boy who can get whoever he wants. Yet when he hears about Lauren, his expectactions change.

"I'd rather be dead than fat again" (McNicoll 194)

"Ever notice that the first part of the word diet is die? Are we all dying to be thin?" (McNicoll 218)

Lauren has a crush on Jay, and is following her friend Andrea's footsteps to lose weight just to impress him. Though, just how far does Andrea go...?

"(...)He thinks you can be a real knockout if you lost some weight" (McNicoll 18)

Making Connections is another one of my favourite reading strategies. Making connections help me because when I read, I automatically relate it to my past experiences. When I relate, it helps me understand the novel because I connected the thoughts portrayed in the novel to my own life, and then I know what type of feelings the characters in the book are feeling. Making connections improved me a reader because if I am confused, I can think of an experience that I can relate to. When relating, I think of the emotions that were felt during the period of time, which then can connect back to what the character is feeling in the novel. This strategy has helped me be more successful while connecting back to the course questions because when thinking about ideas to answer the question, I can think of my connection as a piece of evidence.


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