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Walker Project

All Quiet on the Western Front Nationalism

Quote 1 -"There was indeed, one of us who hesitated and did not want to fall in line that was Joesph Benm, a plump, homely fellow. But he did allow himself to be persuaded otherwise he would have been ostracized."

Quote 2 - "...if you train a dog to eat potatoes and then afterwards put a piece of meat in front of him he'll snap at it, its his nature. And if you give a man a little bit of authority, he behaves just the same way, he snaps at it too. The things are precisely the same. In himself man is essentially a beast only he butters it over like a slice of bread with a little de corum - the army is based on that ; one man must always have power over the other."

Quote 3 -"We became soldiers with eagerness and enthusiasm but they have done everything to knock that out of us."

Quote 4 -"We loved our country as much as they did; we went courageously into every action; but also we distinguished the false from the true, we had suddenly learned to see. And we saw that there was nothing of their world left."

Quote - 5"We surrendered ourselves to events and were lost in them, and the least little thing was enough to carry us down to the stream of eternity."

Quote 6 -"With our young awakened eyes we saw that the classical conception of the fatherland held by our teachers resolved itself here into a renunciation of personality such as one would not ask of the meanest servants."



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