[2015] Bailee LaCosse (Neibert 3): Walk Two Moons By: Sharon Creech

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[2015] Bailee LaCosse (Neibert 3): Walk Two Moons By: Sharon Creech

Sal's mother had picked blackberries for her husband. Sal's dad kissed her and now reminds Sal about the kiss when she sees blackberries.

Gram and Gramps have to use the motels bed the night they stay. Gramps said,"Well, this ain't our marriage bed but it will have to do."

This quote is the main idea of the book. You can't judge someone unless you have been in there place.

Unfortunetly, Sal's Mother went on a bus trip and the bus had gotten into a bad accident and she died.

On the road trip, Gram had wanted to go to the beach at Lake Michigan. But Sal was worried that we wouldn't make it.

This is a picture of Sharon Creech. She is the author of Walk Two Moons, and many more books.

Walk Two Moons is an excellent book! It teaches a lesson in a great story. Salamanca Tree Hiddle is a thirteen year-old girl that has always been a little curious. One day she woke up and her mother was gone. Nowhere to be found. Now they have heard a little from her telling where she is at. Salamanca, Gram, and Gramps have set out on a journey to look for her mother. And on their journey, Salamanca tells a story about her old friend Phoebe, whose mother also left. Salamanca is explaining how Phoebe and herself are alike because they go through obstacles while searching for their mothers, and the reason why they left them. The genre of Walk Two Moons is young adult fiction. There is nothing in the book that couldn't happen in real life. The setting is first in Bybanks, Kentucky. Later on in the story they are traveling all the way across the U.S. to Lewiston, Idaho. The main characters in this book are Sal, Phoebe, Gram and Gramps, and Sal's parents.

There are many different covers to the book. The cover that fits this book really well in my opinion is this one.

Sharon Creech has won so many awards for just this one book! One of the biggest awards she has won is the Newbery Award.

Walk Two MoonsBy: Sharon Creech

The birds started singing on their trip. The singing reminded her of the "singing tree".

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