Walk Like The Egyptians

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Ancient History

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Walk Like The Egyptians

Walk Like The Egyptians

Papyrus Paper


365-Day Calendar


Irrigation System

Irrigation systems were invented by the Ancient Egyptians to control the watering of thier crops. It was important because it enabled them to have a reliable food source.

A farming tool that the Egyptians used that was pulled by an animal to prepare the ground to plant seeds. They were some of the first people to use a plow. The plow was important because it made farming easier.

Hieroglyphics are a type of writing using pictures that the Egyptians used and were written on papyrus. They were important because it enabled communication and documentation.

The Egyptians made the first calendar for agricultural reasons or so they knew when a flood was going to come. They came up with the calendar by studying the sun, moon, and Earth. The calendar was important to the Ancient Egyptians because it was their only way of keeping track of the seasons and to help them with their farming schedule.

Papyrus paper was a type of paper made by the Egyptians using a certain type of plant, they used the paper to write things on such as hieroglyphics. This paper allowed them to keep records for the future.


The Pharohs built the pyramids as a symbol of their power. Pyramids were important because they created history and a symbol of the time.


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