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Welsh Anthem: Land of my fathers

Some Famous People...

Wales is part of Britain and the United Kingdom. It's situated to the west of England and is around 170 miles (256 km) long and 60 miles (96 km) wide. It covers just over 8,000 square miles (20,722 km²).

Welsh Flag

Gareth Bale

Anthony Hopkins

Catherine Zeta Jones

Tom Jones

Ken Follet

Cardiff City Hall

St. David, Patron of Wales

Prince of WalesCharles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor

Cardiff's Castle

Megalithic Constructions

Population: 3,074,067 (Stats Wales 2012) Population Density: 148.3 people per Km2 (Stats Wales 2012)

Welsh traditions: Noson Gyflaith, Plygain, Nos Galan Races, Mari Lwyd, Calennig, Hen Galan, St. Dwynwen’s Day, Lovespoons.

Bonnie Tayler

Bertrand Russell

Although the majority of people living in Wales can speak English, the Welsh language continues to thrive. Half a million people in Wales can speak Welsh, that’s around 19% of the population. It’s called Cymraeg, and is a language with entirely regular and phonetic spelling.

Coch's Castle


Capital: Cardiff



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