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Waiting By: Carol Lynch Williams

London and Zach, brother and sister, are inseperable, that is until Zach commits suicide because his girlfriend, Rachel, gets pregnant and her parents tell her to get an abortion, and the whole family takes a turn for the worst. London tries to cope with her brothers death, but his bestfriend, her ex-boyfriend, Taylor, is making it harder. When London starts to think things aren't going to get better, a new girl comes to town, Lili, who is like an angel from her brother sent by God to help her. As London starts to let Lili into her life she meets Lili's brother Jesse. As London struggles to find herself, she gets stuck "dating" two boys, Taylor and Jesse. Taylor, who understands and helps her remember the memories of her brother, or Jesse, the new boy who doesn't know about her past or her family. After her life settles down she gets a call from Rachel and she says she wants to meet up and talk. Once there she meets her niece, London Faith, and realizes that Rachel never got an abortion, and her brother could have been there.

Main characters

The main characters are London, Zach, Taylor, Jesse, and Lili.


OpinionThis book was very easy for me to read and comprehend because of the verse format. This book had my emotions constantly changing, always wanting to turn the page.i would recomend thid book to more girls than boys

ClimaxThe climax of this book is when London meets her niece, London Faith, and realizes that Rachel never had an abortion and her brother could have lived.


Waiting takes place at their house in florida, and their school.

Rachel Hunt


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