[2015] laurel scimeca: Wait Till Helen Comes

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[2015] laurel scimeca: Wait Till Helen Comes

Author: Mary Downing Hahn

Title: Wait Till Helen Comes


Important Character:Heather

Theme: I think that the author was trying to get across to us that even though you might not get along with someone, you never know when you might need to protect them.

This is a picture of a run down church where Heather, Molly, Michael,Jean, and Dave live. There is a graveyard behind the church where Heather likes to spend most of her time. Heather feels happy there because she gets to talk to Helen. She thinks that they have so much in common because both of their mothers died in a fire, they both think it was there fault, they have the same initials, and they are both lonely kids.

I chose this symbol because Helen lived in the gravyard. This represents the story because almost everyday Heather would go there and talk to Helen, who she claimed was her best friend. Helen wanted Heather to die so she would not be alone anymore.

This resembles Heather because she is always by the graveyard. Heather is creepy, lonely, and a very mysterious little girl. She has brown messy hair, who hates her stepsister Molly, her stepbrother Michael, and her step mom Jean.

Quote 3:"I could see two skeletons extending hands torward each other." said Molly, page 169This is a good example because it shows that Helens mom came back for her and now shes not alone. Heather is becoming a more happier kid because she figured out that her mom also loves her and would forgive her for the fire.

Quote 2:"Your letting that kid make a fool of you." said Jean, page 69This is a good example because it shows how scared and curious Molly is. Molly is the only one who believes Heather is talking to a ghost.

Quote 1:"I found Heather sitting in the shade staring at the small tombstone under the oak tree." said Molly, page 47This is a good example because it shows that Heather is always at the graveyard.

Literary Device: Onomatopoeia- is a device used by imitation of sound."Thunder rumbled in the distance; the sky continued to darken, Lighting struck, and the wind blew harder." Page 168


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