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Social Studies

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2: Happy person = happy brainIf you are not happy with yourself, or think you may be depressed, your brain won't want to be very active, which can lead to an even deeper depression, or confidence problem. You need to get in the right state of mind: gain confidence in yourself; think positively! If you can't do it on your own, try seeing a therapist, or ask your trusted family and friends for emotional support.


Steps towards a healthier, more active brain

4: READ! Reading and doing activities like crossword puzzles and word searches do wonders for your brain. They improve your concentration, can lower your stress level, build spelling skills and increase your vocabulary. Reading novels dabbbles into the use of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Try learning a new word, fact, or completing a word puzzle every day.

Even though getting your body in shape may not be on your to-do list, or even a concern, being healthy and active physically means a healthier, more active brain as well. Every time the heart beats, a quater of the output is immediately sent to the brain. This solid blood flow promotes health.

1: EXCERCISE! . . . your body

3: LOOK OUT!Find ways to make the world in to a whole new place, by taking time to recognize everything going on around you. Make your own connections and formulate new opinions on things that you may have never even considered giving a second thought to. This engages both halves of the brain, increasing plasticity, and keeps the brain stimulated.

Socializing is an important part contributing to growth of your brain



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