[2015] Kyle T.: V.S. - Inferring and Analyzing Lyrics

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[2015] Kyle T.: V.S. - Inferring and Analyzing Lyrics

See You AgainBy Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

Keep it TogetherBy Madonna

Since the singer was talking about a friend earlier and how he didn't see the friend for a long time, I infer that he is talking to that friend about going different ways and seperating to different paths.

"How could we not talk about family when family's all we got"

Since earlier in the song, the singer sang about not seeing a friend for a long time and going seperate ways with him/her so I infer that the singer is trying to say that friends may come and go but your family will always be with you.

"But something told me that it wouldn't last, had to switch up, look at things different, see the bigger picture"

Like the first quote that I inferred about, I think this is talking about how you may go different ways from your friend in life even if you had great and happy times with them.

The similar message for these two songs is about how important family is and that no matter where you go and what happens to you and your friends, your family will always be there for you.

Quote from song


"That I'll be standing right here talking to you about another path"

Quote from song


"Keep it together in the family. They're a reminder of your history"

The singer had been talking about how important her family was, so I infer that she s trying to say that you need to stay with your family and spend time together because your family is where you started and is always your home.

"Brothers and sisters, they've always been there for me"

Earlier, the singer said "Brothers and sisters hold the key to your heart and your soul" so from that quote, I infered that it meant that when you are going through hard times and are dealing with obstacles, your brothers and sisters will always be there to help you overcome these obstacles.

"Everything I went through you were standing there by my side, and now you're gonna be with me for the last ride"

"Brothers and sisters hold the key to your heart and soul"

I infer this means that brothers and sisters can always tell how you're feeling even if you try to hide it and they can help you with your feelings. Since the singer used a key, I infered that brothers and sisters can get into your emotions

"Don't forget your family is gold"

This song was written in 2014-2015 and the main story behind this song was that it was written as a tribute to Paul Walker who died on November 30 2013. Not much historical context.

This song was writtin in the 1990s and it was when the singer seperated from her husband. This was written to express how impotant family was to her when she went through hard times. Not much historical context.

The singer was singing earlier about losing friends and how they can go different ways, so I infer the singer is singing how even if friends have been with you for a long time, they may leave to go another way in life. Also it is important to stay with your family because they will always be there for you.

Since the singer is talking about how her brothers and sisters were always there for her, I infer she was singing about how important family is to her and how they are very valuable in her life. Also I think she is singing how you need ti treat your family well as well

Historical Context

Historical Context


Similar Message


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