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A voter should never vote for something theat they disagree with because of peer pressure or because they feel obligated to. They should always weigh their options and assure themselves that they agree with what they are about to vote for because every vote counts and it can really make a difference.


They must sign a declaration saying:

That they are a US citizenThat they have been a resident in NC (and the count they are in) for 30 days18 years of age.That they arent registered and will not vote outside of NC/ the county they are in.Thay if they were convicted of a felony, their rights of citizenship have been restored.

It is important for everyone who is eligable to vote to do so. Whether it may be voting for a president or just voting for a local pass on a new traffic route its is still needed. I say this because voting gives the general population a chance to make a difference in is issues that challenge the world. Along with that voting gives people the chance change things that they dont like. For example, Same-sex marriage and Legalization of Mariuana.

-For someone to vote they must first make sure that they are qualified to vote. Once all qualifications are met they must fill out a voter registration application. Which much be fully completed or else they will have to wait longer to vote. After they have completed the Voter registration and turned it in before the deadline (25 days before the election in NC) than they should receive their voter card within a couple weeks. -When a potential voter is completing their Voter registration application they have the option of choosing to affialiate with a specific polictica party (In Nc the only 3 options are Republican, Democratic, and Libretarion.). If they have choosen one political party than that is the only one that can primarily vote under. If they did not than they have the freedom to vote from any of the parties they want to.


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