Voting rights

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African-American History

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Voting rights

Voting Rights By McKenzie Cowan


Susan B Anthony


Martin Luther King

Law passedIn 1995, president Lyndon Johnson passed the law on voting rights. In a lot of Southern states after the Civil War they got rid of discriminating voting rights.

African Americans were elected in Georgia increase


End of 1965 250,000 African American were registered to vote.

Introduction The right to vote is not just a privilege, it is your responsibility! Throughout history the United States has had one of the lowest voter participation. In the early years only the white male property owner was allowed to vote. Following the Civil War in 1870 the 15th Amendment was ratified guaranteeing all american citizens the right to vote regardless of race, color or servitude. It is unfortunate that many schemes were devised to keep the blacks from voting. In 1872 Susan B Anthony and other supporters of women's suffrage attempted to vote in the presidential election. 1965 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr started a voter registration drive in Selma Alabama. His goal was to get as many blacks from the south to register. Comprehension - The Voting Rights Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B Johnson on August 6, 1965. This act was intended to overcome the legal barriers at the state and local government levels that had prevented African Americans from exercising their constitutional rights to votes as stated in the 15th Amendment. The Voting Rights Act “significantly widened the franchise and is considered among far-reaching pieces of civil rights legislation in US History. During this time period there were only six African-American members of the US House of Representatives and none in the Senate. During the Civil Rights movement one of the most noted events was the peaceful march from Selma, Alabama to the state capitol in Montgomery were met and attack by state troopers. Africans-Americans were often given the wrong date for the election or wrong polling place, they were expected to take a literacy test, or pay a poll tax. The 24th Amendment made the poll tax illegal in federal elections and the Supreme Court banned it at the state level in 1966. It was because of the Voting Rights Act that voter participation increased.

Congress passed 15th amendment, African American men could vote

Speech President Lyndon Johnson (3/15/65)all religions and colors of Americans were called to the speech. Selma, Alabama men and women were suffering for their rights of Americans; people were tortured and brutally assaulted. North and South “all men are created equality” words every men share of dignity. Every American has the equal right to vote, not one should be kept from voting because of their color or race.

Court case 1875 Minor v. Happersett ~ U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women could only vote as a result of legislation or a constitutional Amendment. August 18, 1920 19th Amendment is ratified allowing all US citizens the right to vote regardless of sex.


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