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Voskhod Programe

Voskhod 1 and 2 were revolutionary space flights that sort of helped by prooving that humans could live in space. The first space walk was by the CCCP the people who were there in Voskhod 2 all were able to walk in space. The Crew was P. Belyayev and A. Leonov. The Crew for Voskhod never left the space craft. The Crew for Voskhod 1 was K. Feoktistov, V. Komarov, adn B. Yegorov.


1964 - Voskhod 11965 - Voskhod 2

These brave crew members were very courageous because they knew that they could easily die of things like explosive decompression, suffocation, or even explosion of rocket syndrome. They also overcame having there space suits being deformed in space and there air lock not opening. One of there astronauts had to bleed his oxygen supply to get into the air lock taking the risk of suffocating.

Lasting Impact

First multiman spacecraft and First space walk and there is a town named Vostok AA


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Voskhod 1


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