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Monarch ButterfliesBy:Vonni

Monarchs turn up side down when it is about to hatch.Caterpiller pill off their skin before they hatch and then they turn into a Butterflies they are so so so cute.

Monarchs turn green when they are about to hatch we got a caterpiller in are room and it is about to hatch it is in a chrysails so maybe tomorow it is going to hatch and then when it hatch we can take it out side together.

Monarchs are so cute because when they eat they get bigger and then they turn into a caterpiller and then they twist there self so there hole body could be in the chrysails im so happy we got a caterpiller because it is about to be a BUTTERFLY!

They have two legs and two eyes and two wigs.

Butterflies are so cute because there wings turn diffinet colars they can fly they can lay and they can have eggs and the eggs turn into a caterpiller and then they turn into a chrysails and then they turn to a BUTTERFLIES it,s cute too.

Butterflies have a nest and then she has babys she will feed them everyday and then she and her babys will get bigger like her.



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