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Voltaire was born on November 21, 1694. He was the youngest of five children. His life was full of troubles, however. his mother died when he was seven of smallpox. doctors were worried he would get this disease that was common at this time. When he realized he loved philosophy, his father was completely unsupportive of it. He pursued his will to be a philosipher, however. HIs father forced him to be a lawyer and through that he moved to Englend. There, he wrote Essay on Manners and Spirit of Nations. when he moved back to France he continued with his Philosphy. he later died in Paris on May 30, 1778.


1694-Voltaire was born1717-accused of writing libelous poems goes to Bastille for 11 months1717-wrote Edipe1718-Changes name from Arouet to Voltaire1729-returns to Paris1746-elected into the French Academy1747-publishes Zadig1759- writes Candide1778-Voltaire dies

Voltaire helped put France into an enlightment style. Most accomplishments came from his writings. He taught Morality through Dictionaire Philosophique He also made France question and revise their goverment with Essay on Manners and Spirit of Nations. This work also compared several nations. In Candide the main characters question if men used to slaughter each other. all of his works taught a lesson or portrayed an idea. this is the greatest accomplishment a Philosipher can achieve

Lasting Impact

Voltaire changed the way of thinking for literature and production. His poems and writings are still studied and performed.


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