Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)

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Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)

Voltaire got into a lot of trouble for giving little criticism on the government and religion. Which then lead him to be out in jail many times. When Voltaire was Jail he would right what his ideas were on the goverment. People started to like Voltaire's witty humor. This event was important because while Voltaire was in jail he keep writing out Human rights and Religion. When he was taken out of jail Voltaire shared these ideas and people started to like them. I feel that his time in jail was probably a really good thing because he was able to sit and write about his feelings about the government. without being under pressure with what his father wanted him to be doing

Views on Voltaire(Before)

Country of Origin:Paris, FranceYear of Birth:21st Novemeber 1694Year of Death:30th May 1778

Before Volatire started his real work people viewd him as being a really funny guy and had good humor and I think that is how he drew people in to listen to his thoughts on Religion and the Goverment. They liked how he wrote his ideas, and they found it interesting to read. Also in the time of the Enlightenment people didn’t know or hadn’t experienced having no leader, everyone was alwasys used to listening to the King or the Church, so when Voltaire came out with, his theory on creating a better world by everyone sharing there own ideas, people didn’t understand or know what he was talking about so it was harder for Voltaire to get his point across to the people.


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Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)

Voltaires Life


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I read the following article,"Voltaires Biography", written by, The Cave Online, and this acrticle was published on 19th Oct 2014. In the Article it had said that people liked Voltaire's work because it was easy to read mainly. It was easy to read and there was a lot of it, so the more to read the more it backed up his belifs, ideas and thoughts the more people could get a good understanding of where he was coming from. Most of Voltaire's work was put to the test and used in the Western world of Democracy, Because in the time that he died the idea of having Presidents or Prime Ministers of Contries was just starting to show around he world.

His work was viewed to be important because his ideas were different from everyone elses. He had a different view on how the Government should work. His ideas on the freedom of speech and religious tolerance, would come important, in todays life. As some say what 'Voltaire did has lead to what we learn today'. His ideas of having the people say what they want and having a absolutist government, has then been used in the future today. I think it is important to learn out this individual because he had different views from everyone else. His ideas and what he wanted the world to look like were very different from what people around him said it had to look like. And I feel like you need to look into “two sides of the story” before you can make your mind up on wiether having a leader or not, is a good idea. And I feel like voltaire had a lot of very good points to back his theory of everyone having there own thoughts and opinions and sharing them with others. His ideas have been used in todays life, so it is interesting to learn about where those ideas all started and how they are used today.

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