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Positionsblockhitterssetterliberodefensive specialist


Equipmentknee padsvolleyball shortsvolleyball shoesa volleyball (duh)a volleyball net (you should know this)

Blocks jobWhen the ball is spiked over the net it's the blocks job to put their hands in the way of the ball to either deflected back onto the other side of the court, ot to soft block it to the defenders

DS and Liberos jobThe DS (defensove specialist) and libero get the first touch on the ball unless the block gets it first. they play back row and dig all the balls in the back and sometimes the front

Setters jobWhen the defenders pass the setter the ball, the setter sets either a 4 ball (cross court) a 2 ball (right in front of the setter) or an 8 ball (back set) to one of the hitters

Hitters jobWhen the setter sets the ball the hitter takes their approch and spikes the ball over the netApproch 1.step left2.step rigth3.step left4. jump+ swing

Words to knowDig- to dive for the ballKill- when you hit the ball over the net and the other team cant return the ballAce- when you serve it over and the other team can't return the ballDown ball- standing spike