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Rules to the game!Basics--> There are six players on the court at a time.--> When the ball is being played on your side of the court, you can only make contact with the ball three times to get it over the net.--> you can only bump, volley, or spike the ball to get it over the net.--> To serve you can't step over the line at the back of the court (The end line). If you happen to step over the line, the other team gains possesion of the ball.--> For court set-up there are three players in the front and three in the back row. During play the back row of players aren't allowed to hit the ball infront of the 10-foot line on the court.Rotations--> After serving once and regaining possesion of the ball, your team rotates clock-wise one spot on the court.


Volleyball Game

ScoringEach game goes to 15 points and matches are best 3 out of 5. Each team scores a point when the other team doesnt hit the ball over the net, or the ball drops when the other team sends it over.


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