[2015] Ava chargers (RM23Chargers): volcanos

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[2015] Ava chargers (RM23Chargers): volcanos

What are Volcanos?Volcanos are magma hills that form in a earths crust opening. The volcanos often shoot out rocks, gases, and lava. Volcanos are also the key of growing islands. Volcanos have molten rock that helps a new soild land.

Hot Spot Volcano

Volcanos By: Ava Wilson

Volcanos are mainly caused by tytonic grind together and create a hill of boiling lava. The voclano is made when two plates crash and are forced to go under. Sometimes volcanos form in the middle of the ocean, which scientsts belive to call hotspots. Nobody really knows why they form there but it is a merical.

Different volcanos have different effects. Most volcanos process ash, flowing lava, posion gas, injures, and death. Sheild volcanos mainly have flowing stream lava. The sheild volcanos has lava that flow down to the ocean for deep miles. Cone volcanos have fast lava flowing at a extreme level of heatness. Cone volcanos come out with a gaint rock lide that has been forced out of the volcano.

Lava Dome Volcano

Inside a cone volcano

Inside a sheild volcano



How to stay safe during a volcano. To pervent injures and deaths have a saftey packet if you live near a volcano. During a eruption try to wear long sleeves and some jeans just in case if your really close to a volcano.


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