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Earth Sciences

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Types of volcanoes.cryovolcanoes(ice volcanoes).mud volcanoes.shield volcanoes.lava domes.stratovolcanoes(composite volcanoes).supervolcanoes.submarine volcanoes.subglacial volcanoes.

HistoryVolcanic eruptions go back to thousands of years ago.Volcanoes are extremely dangerous and they have wiped out tons of places and killed many people.Scienctists are studying volcanoes today and making many discoveries.

Effects of volcanoes1.Ash thrown into the air by eruptions can present a hazard towards aircrafts2.Eruptions can send many chemicals into the air which affect the sulfur aerosols. Sulfer aerosol is the conversion from sulfer dioxide to sulfuric acid.Sulfer aeroslos increase the earth's albedo or its reflection from the sun back into space effecting the earh's temperature.

ClimateWhen a volcano erupts it sends a mixture of gases and particals into the air.Some of the particals sent into the air are sulpher dioxide and ash.They have a cooling effect so they draw the sunlight away from the earth.This makes the temperatures drop.The eruption also has a heating effect.When lava erupts from volcanoes lava keeps the area warm.

What is a volcano?A volcano is a mountain or hill with crater or vent in which lava,rock fregments,hot vapor,and gas are being or have been erupted from the earth's crust

What causes a volcanic eruption?When a volcano erupts it is caused by the magma rising through cracks in the earth's crust.As a result of the plate movement,when the pressure is released magma exploded to the surface.


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