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Earth Sciences

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What are Volcanoes?

- coned-shaped mountains- shoot out lava, ash, and gases- very dangerous- eruptions cause lateral blasts, mudslides, avalanches, falling ash and floods

Volcano Country

- many active volcanoes - are usally on plate techtonics- in or around the ring of fire - be aware of the volcano if you close to it- always good to be ready for an eruption

Measuring the Menace

-people who studied volcanoes are volcanologists- this is a very dangerous job-volcanologist wear special suits to protect them from heat-some volcanologist die from their expedition

People Helping People

-people should help each other during a volcano eruption- it is important to work together- people should try and save each other even strangers

The Future

In the future scienctist could come up with something to let people know when a volcano will erupt. Hopefully technology will be more advanced for us to know when a volcano nears us will erupt.

Different Types of Volcanoes

Project by:Janae McDowell

Authors: Michael Woods and Mary B.Woods


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