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Earth Sciences

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Volcano Parts

All About Volcanos. A volcano is a mountain that opens to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up the volcano eruptions. Gasses and rock shoot up through the vent and into the air.How They Are CausedVolcanoes are usually found where the tectonic plates are. As the tectonic plates move apart from each other, they cause friction, which melts the rock underneath the earth's crust into magma. The gasses inside can cause high pressure and eventually bursts through the earths crusts. Ash and rocks then fill the sky. Magma To LavaUnderneath the earths crusts, there is a chamber of gooey and sticky magma. Once the volcano errupts and the magma comes flowing out, the magma turns into lava. DangerWhen volcanoes errupt, there are lots of dangerous things that can happen. Lava comes flowing out, burning rocks come flying out, ash and steam fills the air and sometimes poisonous gasses are created.


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