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by Margaret Henderson

GLEsLaTEL – Day 3 AgendaJune 16, 20101.Complete Visual Ranking ToolAdd to Unit Plan2.Work on Procedures in Unit Plan3.4.Save 10-20 images in folder for Photostory ProjectUpdate to Windows Media Player 10Download PhotoStory 3 softwareComplete slideshow5.Module 2 Activity 5 – Discussion Board: Discuss how your understanding of standards-based project planning has changed in this module.6.Module 4 AssessmentActivity 1 Methods of assessmentStep 3 Identifying Assessment in your classroomActivity 3 Assessment Timeline Example

ObjectivesBe sure to look at the sample timelines in the Appendix D.01-D.12.Module 6 Activity 5 Using Multiple Methods of Assessment Throughout the Project7.Module 3 Activity 2 Reviewing the Powere of Visual Ranking8.Module 6 Activity 4 Testing the Tool


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