Volcanoes Investigation (Private Study), Earth Science

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Volcanoes Investigation (Private Study), Earth Science

Mark Scheme Level 4You describe the physical and human features of a volcano and its surrounding area. You explain how plate tectonics formed the volcano and how volcanoes can change the features of places and explain how these changes affect the lives and activities of people living there.Level 5You describe how physical processes (e.g. the movement of plates and volcanic erptions) can lead to similarities and differences in the environments of different places and in the lives of people who live there. Level 6You describe and explain physical processes (movement of the plates and formation of the volcanoes etc.) and recognise that these processes produce the distinctive characteristics of places. You understand the ways in which physical processes lead to diversity and change in places.

Private Study

Natural Hazards:"Volcano Investigation"

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1) Research the eruption of two different volcanoes of your choice. You should collect key facts about the eruption. You should use the following headings: What happened? / When did it happen?Where did it happen? / Why did it happen? / What was the impact on people and places?2) Compare the eruptions of your two volcanoes and the impact they have had on people and the environment. Present your findings either as a video, newspaper article, podcast (radio broadcast), glog or presentation.



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