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Volcano project


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Here is a video about volcanoes!

These are active volcanoes erupting

Three Fun Facts About Volcanoes

The volcano envirmonet is extreme for many reasones, some of these reasonse are because it can spew out hot lava, ash, dangerous gases, can cause natraul disasters and is extremly hot. This enviromnent should be explored to predict eruptions, find rare resources, study organisms and their adaptaions and to develop technoligy. Some technoligy used to explore or study volcanoes is Dante 1 and Dante 2. The Dante robot was designed to rappel into a active volcanic crater and explore it. It can also rappel up and down extreme slopes and surmount obstacles as large as 1 meter in height. Other Technoligy include silver suits that were designed to widthstand the heat of a volcanoe and gas masks that can protect us from dangerous gases. An extremophile that lives in volcanoes is a Thermopheil. A Thermopheil adapted to the extreme heat and needed it to survieve, they can survive in extreme tempetures (45 - 122 C).

1. There are more than 500 active volcanoes and more than half are in the ring of fire.2. Erupting volcanoes can trigger tsunamis, earthquakes, mud flows and rock falls.3. Scientis belice that volcanoes created earths first atmosphere.

All About Volcanoes

Here are two websites on volcanoes


Questions about volcanoes

How do under water volcanoes work?Underwater volcanoes work differntly because of all the water around it. The water cools down the lava and turns it into something called pillow lava. If the volcanoe is 2000 meeters underwater the water wont boil making it very hard for volcaneos erupt.

How do extremopheils survive in volcanoes?Many of the extremophiels that live in the volcanoe need extreme heat to survive. Some also have adapted to the heat and now can width stand it.

How do underwater volcanoes create land?When the volcanoe erupts underwater the water prevents it from exploding and then the wight of the water makes the magma solid very quickly. Eruptions add to each other verticly until they rise aboeve water making islands.

How do volcanoes erupt?The magma in the magma chamber is forced up the main vent because of the presure down in the earth. The magma travles up the main vent and comes out at the top were it explodes.

This is an underwater volcanoe


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