Volcano Paricutin

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Volcano Paricutin


*Paricutin is located about 200 miles West of Mexico City.* It's a cinder cone volcano, which means its peak formed byash material from previous eruptions.

*The Paricutin volcano grew out on a cornfield.*On February 20, 1943 a farmer by the name Dionisio Pulido observed the birth of the volcano.In 1943 the day before the Paricutin began to erupt, about 300 earthquakes hit the area.*The eruption that created Paricutin began in 1943 and continued until 1952.*The type of eruption which happened at Paricutin is called a Stromolian eruption, which means is gushed lava, and exploded from a single vent.

*This type of eruption is known as a vulcanian type eruption that is classified by the dense cloud of ashladen gas exploed from the crater and rises high above the peak.


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