Volcano of Ruiz

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Volcano of Ruiz

Volcano: RuizColombia 1845.....by Kyle Puchol(note: documented info from various later eruptions of the same volcano. No video/photos from the 1845 eruption)

The Oceanic plate slides under the South American Continental Plates.Even today they are still moving slightly.

Massive MUDFLOWS filled river channels and spilled over and destroyed towns.

Ruiz, Colombia

Erupting Ruiz Volcano

Volcanos and platesin Columbia

Map of the area

Volcanos and platesin Columbia


1845 Ruiz eruption• Ruiz seems to erupt every 140-170 yrs• Magnitude was about 4.8 on VEI scale • measures height of eruption into atmosphere • measures volume of ash • measures length of time of eruption• The Oceanic plate slid under the South American Coninental plate. This continues slightly even today. Ruiz will erupt again.• More than 1000 people died by huge mudflows. Whole towns where destroyed.• It took yrs for the soil to become rich enough to grow food in. Businesses of 1845 were mostly farming. This destroyed them.


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