[2014] Sage Michetti: Volcano

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Earth Sciences

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[2014] Sage Michetti: Volcano


What is the cause?

Cause:Separation of the plates create heat which causes the mantle underneath to melt. The mantle melts into magma. More hot magama collects under the surface of the earth until the pressure is high enough, and the volcano erupts.

How do people measure volcano's?

Scientists measure volcanic eruptions by using a relative scale that enables explosive volcanic eruptions to be compared with one another. It is very important because it can be used for both recent eruptions and historic eruptions that happened thousands to millions of years ago.

How can volcanic eruptions connect people & places?

*If people die or are killed in a volcanic eruption, family or relatives can come over from a different part of the world to come and see them.*People can give help by coming over to help repair the damage.*Countries and states can give International Aid and money to the government of where the volcanic eruption occurred.

This is the relative scale!

Bad effects:* landscapes ruined.* Ash & ash clouds covered everywhere.*People possibly killed.*Houses, cities and towns can be burned to shreds

What are the factors that influence the interconnections?* Army*Aid (foreign, nternational and overseas)*Money (aid)*People from other countries and states.

How do volcanic eruptions affect people and change places?Volcanic eruptions can cause tsunamis, Krakatoa's eruption caused a tsunami that killed 34 000 people. They can also destroy land & culture.

Where do they occur?Volcanoes occur around the countries where there are plate boundaries, Australia on the other hand rarely has volcanoes because our continent is in the middle of plate boundaries.


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