[2014] Joanna Edgar: volcano

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Earth Sciences

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[2014] Joanna Edgar: volcano

-Hot gases travel quickly,if you are caught in a gas attack it's fuses are so choking it can kill you.-Volcanoes make rich cenery and this attracts tourists.- When a volcano erupts the temperature rises.-Smoke gathers around the crater when the volcano erupts.

-Houses, people, pets and property can be completely destroyed in an eruption.-Surprisingly volcanoes have more of a positive affect on the environment around them- Volcanoes occur when hot rock or magma escapes around the tectonic plates causing an explosion.

Lava is spewed out of the volcano.


Fast Facts - Volcanoes make the area around them rich and fertile for the growers around them. - Volcanoes occur around the tectonic plates. - when a volcanoe erupts the ashfall is heavy and hard to breathe. - The word volcano comes from the god of fire Vulcan.

Lava flows so slowly that it is almost impossible for it to knock someone off their feet.

The little red triangles are volcanoes.

Volcanic eruptions in the ocean can make new islands overtime. The dried lava is thick and fertile starting new islands! But when the volcano erupts all the flora is killed.



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