Voices of Revolution

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Social Studies
American History

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Voices of Revolution

Voices of Revolution

James Otis

Patrick Henry

Sam Adams

Sam Adams1. Leader of the Sons of Liberty2. Organized the "Boston Tea Party"3. Sam Adams replaces James Otis as the leader of the british oposition4. He advertises the Boston Massacre5. Former tax collector.

Patrick Henry1. "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"2. Leading voice inside of the "House of Burgesses"3. elected as a member to the first continental congress4. Henry believed that the colonies should be independent of England.5. was not afraid to challenge the king's policies

James Otis1. Lead opposition against the "writs of assistance"2. Boston Lawyer3.John Adams wrote later "there the child of Independence was born"4. he is going to influence Sam Adams, the Sons of Liberty and the Boston boycots and protests. 5. tragically struck by lightning .


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