Vocolization by: Aaryanna Lucente

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Vocolization by: Aaryanna Lucente

Vocolizationby: Aaryanna Lucente

The Sickle Bill/ Riffle Bill Birds

Both the sickle and riffle bill birds communacate/call thier mate with mega phone like sounds.

The males also make sound with things such as thier beaks and wings. All of these sounds help the probability of the male birds finding a mate and increasing the population. This is because these sounds help scare off other suiters, and also attract potental mates.

These sounds are not only used to find a mate, but to also warn other males that they are there, and it is their teratory.

Barn owls

The male owl screechs at the female owl while he is chasing her.

The owls do this because to attarct a mate the male owl chases the female owl to attract her as a mate.

This is a help to increase the population because the screeching helps the male owl tell the female owl that he is ready to mate.

King of saxony

These vocolization sounds help to increase the probability of the male getting a mate because thesse unwordly sounds attract mates, and scare away commpettition.

The King o' Saxony is very specail. The male makes very unwordly vocolization sounds to attract a female mate.

These sounds also scare away oter males to make sure they don't get this mate, or into his territory!

vocolization contributes to an increased probability of the successful reproduction in animals.


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