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Language Arts

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According to the text book Improving Adolescent Literacy, the gap in word knowledge is problematic because of its impact on content learning and reading comprehension ( p. 38). Vocabulary is highly important when it comes to comprehension in any subject area of school.Understanding Vocabulary gives students a way to use the words in their current curriculum.When you know a word , you understand the context in which it is used. That is why memorization doesn't work!

Vocabulary has many definitons. One common defintion is the words in a language or a special set of wods you are trying to learn.Are their different types of vocabulary?YES!The types include: Tier 1Tier IITier III

What is Vocabulary?

What's new in Vocabulary?What is it and How to use it!

Why do we need Vocabulary?

Semantic Feature Analysis- I was glad to learn about this concept. I never really read much on it or completley understood it. I was glad to see an available chart that would be useful in the classroom. Semantic Feature Analysis is now a teaching method that I am ready to use in the classroom! It is a great visual method. Which is good, since most students are visual learners.8 new teaching strategies ! I was glad to see the strategies listed and expalined in the article /website http://www.edutopia.org/blog/8-strategies-teaching-academic-language-todd-finleyHow to measure knowledge in a meaningful way. The assessment method mentioned in the chapter and the article/website http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/increasing-academic-language-knowledge-english-language-learner-success

New Knowledge

How to Use Vocabluary in Special Education Classrooms?Using new vocabulary words in the tier 2 category, can help students increase their understanding in reading and other subjects.Vocabulary can be used through Assistive Technolgy. This will help students who can not physical write or who have speech problems .

Vocabulary usage is essential in every aspect of the classroom. Kids vocabualry is expected to dramatically increase in secondary school. There are many different teaching techniques for teaching vocabualry. The teacher needs to be heavily involved in this concept. The teacher should allow the students to use personal experiences in their learning process of vocabualry. Teacher's should make sure that they not only know the word but comprehend the word. Vocabulary needs to be taught on a level in which every student can understand. The use of differentiated learning in the classroom is essential when teaching vocabulary.



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