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Earth Sciences

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Dense, heavy, dark-colored igneous rock that is rich in magnesium and iron.


Date: November 18, 2013


Vocabulary Words:Basaltic, Granitic, Igneous rock, Metamorphic rock, Sedimentry rock, Rock cycle, sediment, Lava, Extrusive, and Intrusive

Name given to thick, gooey, molten material known as magma when it reaches Earth's surface and flows from volcanoes.


Light-colored, silica-rich igneous rock.


Name: Catherine Schlosser

Igneous Rock

Metamorphic Rock

Rock formed from fast-cooling lava at or near Earth's surface and from slow-cooling magma deep inside Earth.

Rock that forms because of changes in temperature and pressure or the presence of hot, watery fluids in igneous, sedementry, or other metamorphic rock.

Rock formed by compaction and cementation of sediments or when minerals precipitate out of solution or are left behind when a solution evaporates.

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Sedimentry Rock

Type of igneous rock with fine-grained texture that is formed as lava cooled quickly at or near Earth's surface.

Loose materials, such as rock fragments, minerals dissolved in water, and the remains of once-living plants and animals, that have been moved by wind, water, gravity, or ice.


Rock Cycle

Continuous, dynamic process by which sedimentry, igneous, and metamorphic rocks are changed from one form to another by means such as weathering, erosion, compation, melting, and cooling.


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