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Chapter 1: Odysseus lands in Phaeacia" For ten years the Trojans fought bravely to save their city of Troy from the Greeks.""His wife Penelope has been waiting faithfully for him for many years since he left for the war"

Chapter 2: Odysseus and the Cyclops"To our terror, we saw that it was a Cyclops"' If i kill him,we would still be prisoners behind the giant rock."

Chapter 3: Odysseus and Circe"He and his family took us in and fed us and gave us a place to sleep""But in the food Circe pu a powerful drug."

Chapter 4:The folly of Odysseus's men"Once you have passed the Sirens, you will reach a place where you can take one of two ways.""She is a terribel monster with the bark of a dog."

Chapter 5:Odysseus returns to Ithaca"Tears had again filled Odysseus's eyes.""Oh,how they wept with happiness when he once more held her in his harms."



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