Vladimir Lenin

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Vladimir Lenin

- Vladimire Lenin was born in 1870 to a pretty well off family. - His real name is Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, he had to change it because he was a wanted man in Russia. - Lenin went to a university to study law however he got expelled for starting a student riot. He then went to another university where he garduated with his law degree in only one year.- Lenin was arrested in St. Petersburg and exiled to Serbia.- He created the first Russian comunist governemt.- - In 1918 Lenin barely survived and assasination, but he was severely injured and his long term helth was affected. - In 1922 he sufered from a stroke which led to his death two years later.- Died in 1924.


- Lenin has a law degree.- Lenin was the first person to create a comunist government.- Lenin was the leader of the bolsheviks group who lead the October revolution. - Lenin also got Russia out of world war 1.

Lasting Impact


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Vladimire Lenin



Lenin's lasting impact is that he was able to create an equal rights nation for the Russian nation. He also powered through many insults and arrests to fight for what he believed in. The people of Russia were greatful for what Lenin did for them by taking fathers, brothers and sons out of the war to stop the pointless killing of the Russian people.


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