Vladek´s Story

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Vladek´s Story

Born: October 11, 1906Died: August 18, 1982

-Married to Anja Spiegelman who survived Holocost but commited suicide in 1968-Father of Richieu Spiegelman who was born before the war but died in 1943-Father to Art Spiegelman who writes Vladeks story-Remarries to Mala Spiegelman who is also a survivor of the Holocost


Vladek's Story

-Many of Vladek's traits and characteristics are what got him through the war- Characteristics include:anxious, attentive, resourcesful, fussy, picky, miserly, brave, resourcefull and intelectual. -While in camps, Vladek was able to pick up skills quickly in order to keep him alive and aquire jobs. ex: By teaching the officer English, Vladek was rewared with food and better conditions than most others. ex: Vladek always saved food when he got it so that he would have it when he really needed it.


-Drafted into Polish Army and brought to a POW camp in 1939 by the Nazis-Attempt to sneak out of Poland with Anja, but get caught by German soliders in 1943- Arrive in Auschwitz in 1944, but gets seperated from Anja- Sent to Birkenau in late 1944 to take apart gas chambers-In 1945 he is send to Switzerland from Dachau (got to Dachau after marching from Auschwitz)-Reunites with Anja after being seperated since Auschwitz in 1946



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