Vlad the Impaler

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Vlad the Impaler

Vlad was born to Vlad Dracul and Cneajna of Moldavia in November or December of 1431. He was officially named, "Vlad Dracula," which in Wallachian means "little dragon." But in Romanian, it means, "little devil." Moving on, Vlad was born into a family who would one day become royalty, because his father, Vlad Dracul, was in The Order of The Dragon, a organization dedicated to protect Christanity in Eastern Europe. Eventually, when his father became Voivode, or prince (prince was considered king), Vlad and his older brother, Mircea, started their education together. When he was considered, "considerably well", he was conducted into The Order of the Dragon at just the age of 5. A few years went by with peace, until his father found himself in a predictament. He was in trouble with the Turks, who wanted to invade his land. He rationally then offered up his two sons, Vlad and Radu, to the Sultan. He said that if the Sultan could keep his sons, he could keep his land and power. The sultan agreed. Vlad and Radu were taken hostage. But, it wasnt that bad, at first. The Sultan gave them a very good education having them study mathmatics, philosphy, read the Koran, and study differnt languages. But sometimes, the Sultan made him torture victims. He had them GAUGE out his eyes and then KILL them. Luckly though, Vlads father came through. At the age of 16, Vlad gained his freedom, and boy was he glad to have it.

Vlad The Impaler(Vlad Dracula)


When he becomes prince for the second time, he decides to have revenge on the Turks (Ottoman Empire). So he invited many Turkish nobles to have a party with them. He let them have their fun for alittle. After they had their fun, he impaled all 300 of them one by one very very slowly. He later said to one of his subjects, "I didnt trust them," as an exuse for his revenge. He didnt trust many of his subjects however. He hated beggers. So, he decided to invite all beggers of the city to a feast. When they were all drunk, he locked them in a room and burned them alive. Shortly after this, he decided to invite his brothers to his castle. When they declined, Vlad was furious, so he destroyed countless of his own citys in search of them. He never found them. He then decided to once more have revenge on the Turks. He launched a whole crusade on the Turks. He swept in with his army and ended up destroying countless Turkish Citys and created 14,714 causuilties.

Vlad's Freedom was very short lived. When he got back, his father was using his powers in bad ways, and was not using it for The Order of The Dragon. So, Hunyadi killed his father in the marshlands near the castle of Wallachia. Vlad then set out to find the rest of his family in Moldiva. While living there, Hunyadi and Vladsavi got into a fight, and eventually where engaged in a war. Vlad knew this was his chance to take over Wallachia. He succeded, but it only lasted two months. Hunyadi forced him out. But shortly after, Hunyadi had a change of heart. He wanted Vlad to protect the south border of Wallachia. Vlad agreed. He then appointed himself Prince of Wallachia.

Teenage or Young Adult Years

Vlad always wanted to have revenge on two things, Hunyadi, and the Ottoman Empire. He wanted revenge on Hunyadi,(which he never achieved), for killing his brother and father in a raid on Wallachia. And the Ottoman Empire for keeping him hostage and treating him like dirt during the military campaigns.

Influences or Inspirations


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