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Main character in Vixen is Gloria. Gloria: Gloria Carmody is seventeen years old. Gloria wants to live that flapper lifestyle so she bobbed her hair, smokes cigarettes, and goes to speakeasies. She is engaged to Sebastian Grey one of Chiagco's most power family. Gloria is a very outgoing person but is very sneeky. During the story Gloria would go out in the middle of the night to sing at speakeasies. Gloria lied to her family and bestfriends just to go out and sing and miss the most important dinner of her life. Clara: Clara is Gloria's cousin. Gloria doesnt like Clara to much. Clara pretends to act all country but really she is also living the flapper lifestyle. Clara comes up to help Gloria with all her wedding plans. Clara wants to start her new life with the real man she loves. Clara is also hiding a secert. Clara is very shy and is pretending to be someone she isnt.


Jillian Larkin is the author of Vixen. Jillian created the book vixen because she was always interested in flappers. Jillian states on her website "I have always been fascinated with the twenties. In fact, I grew up watching the Thoroughly Modern Millie movie with Julie Andrews so many times that my mother banned it from the house. It’s an appealing time when women—and teens—really began to come into their own. By outlawing a regular part of life—alcohol—rebellion was suddenly more acceptable than it had ever been before. The 1920’s were a wonderful time for women, who began to fight for their independence and freedom—both in their style and what they expect for themselves and their futures. -

Music notes represent the different speakeasies like the Green Mill that was used in Vixen. The Martini is used also for speakeasies and how everyone would drink and party all day and all night long.


Throughtout Vixen there are many different man vs. man conflicts. Gloria lies to her best friend Lorriane about where she was and what she was doing. Clara then is falling in love with Marcus.

The overall message in Vixen would be, to be yourself and dont change yourself for anyone. Gloria changes everything about her the way she looks, dresses, and acts just because its what someone else did and she felt out of place.


VixenBy: Jillian Larkin

Jillian Larkin

"Jazz...Booze...Boys...Its a dangerous combination. Every girl wants what she cant have."

"Seems she has some dirty little secrets of her own that she’ll do anything to keep hidden. . . ."


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