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Vivien Theodore Thomas

Vivien's LifeEarly LifeVivien was born on August 29, 1910. He was the youngest of 4 boys. When Viven's mother, Mary found out she was pregnant and since she already had 3 boys, she was so sure that she was going to have a girl and she named him before he was born. She decided to keep the name Vivien even after she found out her baby was a boy. His family moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1912.

Later YearsDuring 1930 a friend of Viviens took him to go see Dr. Alfred Blalock. He didn't go to med-school because all the money he saved in his high school year was lost due to all the banks closing because of the start of the great depression. The visit went really well. So well that Vivien got hired as Dr. Blalcok assistant in his medical reserch laboratory. Vivien almost quit twice. One time because of the anger issue's of Dr. Blalock but he promised to never yell at Vivien again and he kept that promise. The other time was because of he needed a raise to support his family, which by the way, he got married December 22, 1933 to Clara Beatrice Flanders and the next year the first daughter, Olga Fay. Then the year after that their second daughter, Theodosia Patricia was born. Anyway he needed the raise to support his family but he didn't get so he said he needed to quit in order to get a better paying job. Dr. Blalcock didn't want this so he gave Vivien the raise. It wasn't alot but it helped. Viviens family then moved to Baltimore.

Vivien Theodore ThomasAugust 29, 1910-1985

Mid-LifeSince his father, William, was a successful carpenter and all 3 of his older brothers were going into the carpentry business William beleived that Viven was too but he had a different career in mind. He went to Pearl Hgh School in Nashville and graduated with honors in 1929. 1930, the year that changed Viviens life forever.

Vivien's painting at the Johns HopkinsHospital

The Thomas faimly moves to Tennesse

You still may not be getting the whole "invinter' part so incase you don't, you're in luck because I'm about to tell you. Vivien created tools that helped him with surgerys. Such as a clamp to help stop bleeding in a very small space he also invinted a kind of tweezer thing that helped him sew in very small spaces. Dr. Blalock called his stitches stitches from God. These tools helped Vivien with the frist "blue baby" surgery.

Born on August 29, 1910 in New Iberia, Louisiana

Died on 1985



Banks closed thier doors and Vivien loses al of his savings. He then starts to work fo Dr. Blalock who is a doctor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.



Vivien graduates fro Pearl High School with honors


Vivien Thomas marry's Clara Beatrice Flanders on December 22 and had 2 daughters.

The very first blue baby operation happened on November 29 and it was successful.

Dr. Blalock died on September 15, 1964. And Viven retired from the hospital 15 years later




CitationsThe African American Heart Surgery Pioneer by: Edwin Brit Wyckoff.


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