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Vivien Theodore Thomas

Vivien Theodore Thomas was born in New Iberea on August 29, 1910. He later moved to Nashville Tennesse, where he went to public schools. After raising enough money, Thomas enrolled as a premedical student into Tennesse Agricultural and Insdustrial State to major in Surgical Technology. But later that year when the bank crashed he was forced ot drop out. In 1930, he became a labratory assistant alfred Blalock at Vanderbilt University. Thomas became very good at his job and when Blalock moved in 1941, he asked Thomas to come with him.When he joined Blalocks team, he helped design and create a procedure for congenital heart syndrome. He helped train many other doctors with how to handle heart and lung disease.


Vivien Thomas while working with a prcedure for congential heart deffects also known as blue baby syndrom.This prcedure helped get oxygen thoughtout the rest of your body and release some of the constriction in your heart.

Born on August 29, 1910. In New Iberea, LouisanaDied on November 26, 1985. From Pancreatic Cancer. Buried in Baltimore City Maryland

Honors Recieved

Presented with the Honorary Doctor of Laws by the John Hopkins University in 1976


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Vivien Theodore Thomas




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