Viva l'Italia

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Viva l'Italia

Italian soccer fans are known for their rowdiness and lack of inhibition!

The Italian flag is vertically divided into three equal sections of green, white, and red to symbolize hope, faith and charity.

Viva l'Italia!

(Long live our Italy!)

Mussolini Gains Power(1922)In October 1922 after a threatened march on Rome by Mussolini and black-shirted fascists, the king of Italy gave in to pressure and asked Mussolini to form a government. Opposition was crushed in 1923.

WWI(1915-18)Italy was allied with Germany and Austria-Hungary during the first world war, but the nature by which they entered the war allowed them to remain neutral until France and Britain pulled Italy in, opening a new front.

WWII(1940-45)Italy entered World War 2 in 1940 on the German side, unprepared but determined to gain something from a swift Nazi victory. However, Italian operations went badly wrong and had to be propped up by German forces. In 1943, with the tide of war turning, the king had Mussolini arrested, but Germany invaded, rescued Mussolini and set up a puppet fascist Republic of Salò in the north. The rest of Italy signed an agreement with the allies, who landed on the peninsula, and war between allied forces supported by partisans against German forces supported by Salò loyalists followed until Germany was defeated in 1945.

Republic of Italy Declared(1946)King Victor Emmanuel III abdicated in 1946 and was replaced briefly by his son, but a referendum that same year voted to abolish the monarchy by 12 million votes to 10, the south voting largely for the king and the north for the republic. A constituent assembly was voted in and this decided upon the nature of the new republic; the new constitution came into effect on January 1st 1948 and elections were held for parliament.

Mediterranean climate

Per Capita GDP: $29,200

Type of Government: Republic

The religion of the majority of Italy is Roman Catholic, but it has growing Muslim and Jewish communities as well

Standing at 15,771 ft tall, Italy is home to Monte Bianco, the tallest peak in Europe.

Italy is responsible for introducing the world to ice cream, fruit pies, and coffee.

The pre-dinner passeggiata (evening stroll) is one of Italy’s most enduring leisure activities where Italians stroll about the streets to see and be seen.

Literacy Rate 99%


  • aditiportugal 7 years ago

    aditiportugal's avatar

    I found the fact that Italy introduced ice cream, fruit pies and coffee to the world interesting and I am curious to know about other culinary items that Italy created. The foods in Italy are not really similar to those in Portugal, but we do enjoy our desserts and soccer a lot!

  • keshavswitzerland 7 years ago

    keshavswitzerland's avatar

    I found it interesting that your flag represents hope, faith and charity - the International Red Cross was founded in Switzerland. Switzerland's GDP Per Capita is $15,000 higher than Italy's. I would like to learn when ICE CREAM was created so I can make a shrine to the person who made it.

  • emilyclairegermany 7 years ago

    emilyclairegermany's avatar

    Ciao Italia!

    Very good glog; I like how you paired pictures with text.

    I feel first of all that I must thank you for introducing us to ice cream. The world owes you a great debt. I am now also scared to play soccer against you. Similarly, soccer is highly popular here with the really good Bundesliga.

    However, we still do differ, like with the things we brought to this planet (We had Curious George you had Ice Cream.)

    Here is a belated thank you for siding with us during the world wars, even though we, you now, LOST.

    I would like to learn more about this delicious pasta I hear so much about. Want to Potluck sometime?

    Germany (Emily and Claire)

  • sidspain 7 years ago

    sidspain's avatar

    The Glog was really good and had a lot of information that was new to me. Italy and Spain have the same national sport and they are soccer fanatics. The Glog, though, had lacked the current issue(s) the country has or had involved in. All in all it was a great project!

  • aidanireland 7 years ago

    aidanireland's avatar

    Best glog I've seen so far!

    Facts were presented nice and clearly; no haphazard placement, all organized, very precise. The facts were interesting, the history was done extremely well, and the glog has a very presentable look to it.

    There are no current political issues listed, and the background is a bit bland, but other than that, great job!