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Vittorio Orlando

Italy started off on the side of the Triple Alliance but, then joined the side of the Triple Entente because of the "tension" they had with Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary held some of Italy's territory, Italy only joined the side of Germany out of fear that France may attack them. But Italy then joined the Triple Entente in full hopes they would get more land and more power. Vittorio Orlando thought that he would be treated equally. He thought wrong.


Orlando was born in Sicily in 1860. He was a law professor and was a very well educated man. In 1916 he became Minister of Justice. During the Caporetto disaster he was asked to step in as Prime Minister.

London Pact- Known as "The Secret Treaty of London" Britian offered Italy Tyrol, Dalmatia and Istria all territories across the Adriatic sea. Britian and France would benefit from Italy joining their side because it would open up a new front.Treaty of Versailles- Versailles did not go very well for the Italians. Orlando was pushed aside and Italy was not given anything it was promised. This showed the Italian government as incompetant and basically humilated them.

Time Line

Italy part of Triple Alliance(prior)- August 1914Treaty Of London(Italy joins Triple Entente)- April 26th 1915Vittorio Orlando Becomes PM- 1917Caporetto- October 1917Treaty of Versailles-June 28th 1919


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Place in WW1

Disaster of Caporetto


Italy's Prime Minister at the end of WW1

This battle was deadly to Italy. It was a series of battles Italy fought agaisnt all of the Austrian army and some divisions of the German army. Though there were parts of the battles that Italy was successful in, ultimatley they failed. Italy lost 300,000men, some of which were taken prisoner. This was traumatizing to Italy and its reputation.By the end of the war the Italians had 600,000deaths and almost 1 million wounded. The country was in major debt. Orlando thought on the bright side they were on the winning sideand would get some kind of reward at Versaille.

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